Looking for the best deals on gas in Columbia Maryland…well check out this chart from GasBuddy:

One thing to say about this chart…thank goodness for BJ’s. For those that don’t know…you do not have to be a member of BJ’s in order to get gas at their gas station…you pay a few more cents per gallon…but compared to the other locations in Columbia…it is still the best deal in town for gas.

For those interested…here is a chart for the best gas prices in Ellicott City:


And here is one more chart for Elkridge:

What is up with that Exxon on Marshalee drive…who the heck would purchase gas at that location?

Someday I will understand why gas prices in Columbia are so much higher than the surrounding areas…but if we all start purchasing gas outside of Columbia…maybe they will start to bring down their prices.

Until that happens…be sure to know the best deals around.

Scott E


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