I was able to make it out to the event today for just a little bit and took a number of photos while I was there…for those interested…here they are (via Facebook):

Click to see all photos

I am guessing around 100 people attended the event this morning…it was an excellent turnout from the community.

Scott E


  1. Someone should ask him about the open air drug market that thrives at the Harper’s Choice Village Center. Just go and see. You will see the do nothing Howard County cops get their doughnuts at the Dunkin’ s there from about 5:00 pm till 5:30 then they head off never to return. The drug dealers take their positions in and around McDonald’s or outside of Dunkin Doughnuts and begin signaling to passerbys. They point to their pockets or lift up their shirts at the waist indicating drugs for sale. Some will call out “I got you man!” or something like it. Deals are often fullfilled in the parking lot or the McDonalds. THE COPS ARE NEVER TO BE FOUND. There have been shootings and hold ups right there in just the past year. Many residents of the nearby neighborhoods are aware of what goes on but the politicos just say to call the police. THE POLICE DO NOTHING. I’ve seen them smile and wave at the most obvious dealers. Strange. Time to get mad!

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