I saw a post on social media from one of the new Howard County Board of Education members (Vicky Cutroneo) and thought this would be good to document on the blog…the new HoCoBOE “cluster assignments” are out…here they are (via Board Docs):

Board School Cluster Assignments 2018-2019

Approved – December 3, 2018

Howard County public schools are divided into school clusters, which are assigned to individual Board members to facilitate school visitations, attendance at special events, and points of contact for each school community. In recognition of the many responsibilities and demands on the chair’s time, the Board Chair has not been assigned a school cluster.

A – Atholton/Oakland Mills (Sabina Taj)

  • Atholton HS
    • Hammond MS
      • Atholton ES
      • Hammond ES
      • Pointers Run ES
  • Oakland Mills HS
    • Lake Elkhorn MS
    • Oakland Mills MS
      • Cradlerock ES
      • Jeffers Hill ES
      • Stevens Forest ES
      • Talbott Springs ES
      • Thunder Hill ES

B – Centennial/Long Reach (Christina Delmont-Small)

  • Centennial HS
    • Burleigh Manor MS
    • Ellicott Mills MS
      • Centennial Lane ES
      • Waterloo ES
      • Worthington ES
      • Veterans ES
  • Long Reach HS
    • Mayfield Woods MS
    • Thomas Viaduct MS
      • Bellows Spring ES
      • Deep Run ES
      • Ducketts Lane ES
      • Hanover Hills ES

C – Glenelg/Wilde Lake (Vicky Cutroneo)

  • Glenelg HS
    • Glenwood MS
      • Lisbon ES
      • Bushy Park ES
  • Wilde Lake HS
    • Harper’s Choice MS
    • Wilde Lake MS
      • Bryant Woods ES
      • Clemens Crossing ES
      • Longfellow ES
      • Running Brook ES
      • Swansfield ES

D – Hammond/Reservoir (Kirsten Coombs)

  • Hammond HS
    • Patuxent Valley MS
      • Bollman Bridge ES
      • Guilford ES
  • Cedar Lane (Special)
  • Reservoir HS
    • Lime Kiln MS
    • Murray Hill MS
      • Forest Ridge ES
      • Fulton ES
      • Gorman Crossing
      • Laurel Woods ES

E – Howard/Marriotts Ridge (Jennifer Mallo)

  • Howard HS
    • Bonnie Branch MS
    • Elkridge Landing MS
      • Elkridge ES
      • Ilchester ES
      • Phelps Luck ES
      • Rockburn ES
  • Marriotts Ridge HS
    • Mount View MS
      • Manor Woods ES
      • Waverly ES
      • West Friendship ES
  • Homewood (Special)
  • Applications Research Lab (Special)

F – Mount Hebron/River Hill (Chao Wu)

  • Mount Hebron HS
    • Dunloggin MS
    • Patapsco MS
      • Hollifield Station ES
      • Northfield ES
      • Saint John’s Lane ES
  • River Hill HS
    • Clarksville MS
    • Folly Quarter MS
      • Clarksville ES
      • Dayton Oaks ES
      • Triadelphia Ridge ES

Vicky Cutroneo posted the following statement in the online post:

New BOE school cluster assignments are posted. I’m excited to serve as the Wilde Lake HS and Glenelg HS cluster representative and am in process of contacting each school’s PTA to coordinate attending a meeting in December and January. Click on link below to see who your cluster rep is.

Though we are assigned school clusters, BOE members serve the entire county. The official email is boe@hcpss.org (goes to all members and board administrator); to contact me directly vicky_cutroneo@hcpss.org.

Along with my cluster assignment, I will be serving on the BOE legislative committee and as the BOE liaison for the Special Education Citizen’s Advisory Committee— excited to attend first SECAC meeting this evening in my official capacity, 7pm at the Clarksville VFD.

So now you know who to contact over the next year…then it will change on you again…so some something to follow if you have children in the school system and need to reach out to a HoCoBOE member for assistance. I will do what I can to track this as it changes year in and year out.

Scott E