Photo via “Steven Bolen For Maryland”

I have written previously about the meetings happening to address overcrowding options at Centennial and Howard High schools…and “Steven Bolen For Maryland” attended one of the session yesterday and obtained the following handouts:


Steven posted the following on Facebook along with these handouts:

Great to see Steven continuing to be active in our community and post useful information on his social media channel. Keep it up Steven!!!

Scott E


  1. This was years of the BoEd kicking the can down the road. No one wanted to address it when it was starting to become an issue and now it’s just too late to do anything other than tick off a whole bunch of parents and students by biting the bullet and doing the right thing……REDISTRICT. This is what happens when developers get to buy political clout.

  2. Are you unhappy with the negative impacts of attending an overcrowded school vs attending one at designed capacity? Then the burden is on you to get your student to an uncrowded school. Don’t want to face increased travel time, leave friends behind, etc, etc, etc? Then suck it up. We can’t possibly ask the rest of the county to share in the solution by redistricting schools. Outgoing school board ignored developing problem for years. Then when given the opportunity to do something, punted. Spineless.

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