Saying Goodbye To The 53 or 53 Beers On Tap…kind of…

Bill Woodcock announced in a post today that “It’s time to hang up this blog” ending a 10 1/2 year run with the The 53 or 53 Beers On Tap blog (it has been named both over the years). Here is a link to his final blog post on his site:

I remember back in early 2014 when I began blogging…53 Beers On Tap was one of a handful of local blogs I followed closely in the early days. While I did not always agree with some of the opinions on the blog…I always found the blog full of useful information, entertainment and a value to our community.

Back in August of 2017 Bill and I co-hosted a HoCoBlogs party at Bare Bones Grill in Ellicott City. We had a great turnout for the event and I think everyone had a really good time. Here are some photos from that event (Click Here) and more photos (Click Here).

There is some good news in the article…Bill is not going away…just changing formats…with Forward Maryland. It sounds like this new adventure will be different than The 53 (numerous formats of information going forward)…and sounds interesting enough to have me intrigued…and I expect I will be following it in whatever format Bill comes up with in the future. I recommend you follow the Facebook page or check out the new site (I am guessing this might be used going forward) to see what happens next.

The current blog is also not going away…according to Bill “The 53 page will remain active and I’ll cross post Forward Maryland posts to The 53″…so the site will still exist…just sounds like it will be a little different kind of information going forward (now you see why I put “kind of” in the title).

With Jason Booms (Spartan Considerations) announcing his blog “headed in different direction” and Bill Woodcock shifting the focus of his blog…this is an interesting time for the local blogging community. There are still a great number of existing blogs (new and old) focusing on local matters. Maybe we get some new bloggers in the community adding their voice to what is happening in Howard County. You never know. I do know that another HoCoBlogs party would be fun. Something to think about in early 2019.

Scott E

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