If you are looking for an opportunity to work with the newly elected Howard County Council members…this might be for you…David Yungmann (Howard County Council-elect in District 5…well…elect for a couple more hours today until he is sworn in) posted the following earlier today on Facebook:

JOB OPPORTUNITY! We are recruiting for a position in our District 5 County Council office. This person will support constituent services and may perform other functions such as research, assisting with legislation and attending events or meetings. Ideal traits include a basic knowledge of the county (District 5 a strong preference); confidence to handle difficult situations; strong digital media, communication and interpersonal skills. Contact Karen Knight with any questions or forward your resume to Karen directly.; (410) 313-2001.

So if this is the type of position you are looking to do…I would recommend applying soon.

If other newly elected local officials have openings….make sure to give me a heads up and I am happy to share that information with my readers.

Scott E

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