The Young Democrats of Howard County (and many other sources on social media) have reported that Maya Rockeymoore-Cummings has been elected Chair of Maryland Democratic Party today. Here is the text of the Young Dems post on Facebook:

Congratulations to the newly elected chair of the Maryland Democratic Party , Dr. Maya Rockeymoore-Cummings! We look forward to working with you to strengthening and empowering our next generation of leaders.

I have seen one post of vote totals by county (hoping to get full confirmation of this vote total from other sources):

Allegheny- 6 for Kathleen
Anne Arundel- 6 for Kathleen, 3 for Maya
Baltimore County- 9 votes for Kathleen, 23 for Maya
Baltimore City- 32 votes for Maya, 2 for Kathleen
Calvert- 5 votes for Kathleen, 4 for Maya
Caroline- 1 vote Kathleen, 1 vote for Maya
Carroll- 7 votes for Kathleen, 2 for Maya
Cecil- 4 votes for Maya
Charles- 9 votes for Maya, 3 for Kathleen
Dorchester- 1 vote for Kathleen, 2 for Maya
Frederick- 10 votes for Maya
Garrett- 2 votes for Maya
Harford- 4 votes for Kathleen, 4 for Maya
Howard- 16 votes for Maya
Kent- 4 votes for Kathleen
Montgomery- 18 votes for Kathleen, 1 for Maya
Prince George’s County- 16 votes for Maya, 5 votes for Kathleen
Queen Anne’s- 7 votes for Kathleen
St. Mary’s- 3 votes for Kathleen, 4 for Maya
Talbot- 5 votes for Kathleen
Washington- 3 votes for Kathleen, 2 for Maya
Wicomico- 1 vote for Kathleen, 4 for Maya
Worcester- 3 votes for Kathleen, 1 for Maya

So if the numbers are correct…Howard County was 100% on board for Maya Rockeymoore-Cummings as the new chair of the state party.


I am looking out for more public information from the results of the other offices…I will update this post when I see them posted.


1st Vice Chair Cory McCray
2nd Vice Chair Allison Galbraith
3rd Vice Chair Nicole Williams
Secretary Robbie Leonard
Deputy Secretary Abena Affum – McAllister
Treasurer Bob Kreisslan
Deputy Treasurer Jeffrey Slavin

I am still a little bummed that the one person running from Howard County (Herb Smith) was eliminated because of the rules of the party that does not allow more that one person to serve in one area (and somehow Howard County is considered Western Maryland). More on that in a future post.

Scott E