In what might be one of the last email blasts from Jon Weinstein as a member of the Howard County Council…he sent out the following yesterday:

A Fond Farewell…

As my term comes to an end on December 3rd, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for all the people in District 1 and across Howard County that I have had the honor and pleasure of serving and working with these past four years. The people who served on my Community Cabinet, folks who turned out to various public meetings, those who answered my calls to work with me and my team on critical issues like Ellicott City’s recovery and Elkridge’s renewal, as well as the thousands of people who provided constructive input, have all helped make these past four years meaningful and productive with positive results for District 1 and the County.

Throughout this term I have had the great fortune to have an amazing team. Gar y Smith, my Special Assistant since day 1 on the council, and Jessie Keller, my District Aide who jo i ned the team in July 2016. Despite the myriad of issues … along with the two floods… we tackled during this term they continued to deliver incredible constituent services and provided me outstanding support and guida nce.

Earlier this month, Gary and Jessie moved on to new opportunities outside of County government and the organizations they have joined are lucky to have them. For all four years, Gary, Jessie, and I have been blessed to have the support of our Administrative Specialist, Roz Hightower. Roz has been with the Council for a while and will continue on to support one of the new council members. Not many people who interacted with our D1 team had direct contact with her. From behind the scenes, Roz has been a part of every success and helped us meet every challenge along the way. My team and I, along with the people in Howard County are lucky to have committed and passionate people, like Roz who make a huge difference without any fanfare or need for credit.

On December 3rd, Ms. Elizabeth Walsh will take office as the next District 1 Councilmember. I wish her and her team much success in their efforts on behalf of our district and the county. Her email (beginning on December 3rd) will be; the district phone number will remain the same – 410.313.3110. If you would like to continue receiving District 1 news and updates from Ms. Walsh, please visit this page District 1. You will need to “opt in” to be included on her newsletter distribution list.

Once again, I am grateful for the privilege of serving District 1 on the Council and wish you all a wonderful holiday season and peaceful and prosperous new year.

Warm Regards,


On a personal level…I will miss Jon on the Howard County Council. In a world where we are so divided…and so far left or right…I will miss someone on the council that actually works to serve the people of their district as opposed to their party. My hope is that we get someone like that again in one of the new five council members that just got elected…and time will tell on that…in the mean time…I will keep an eye on what is happening at the council level…and what that will mean for Howard County in the future.

Scott E