County Executive Elect Calvin Ball Shops Small In Howard County On Small Business Saturday

Photo Credit: Maureen Evans Arthurs

One of my favorite aspects of being on social media is following elected officials and watching how they engage with the community. We have some that are great at it…and others not so much…one thing is sure…our next County Executive (Calvin Ball) is very good at engaging and showing us how he is out and about in our community.

Yesterday was Small Business Saturday and Calvin Ball was all over Howard County all day long. If you follow him on Twitter (@CalvinBallTeam) you probably saw all of the various locations he was at yesterday…if you are not following him on Twitter yet…worry not…I got you covered. Here are screenshots of his tweets yesterday:

Calvin started the day with breakfast with State Senator Guy Guzzone (District 13) and Howard County Council Elect member Christiana Rigby (District 3).

Nice to see Senator Ben Cardin shopping small in Howard County with Calvin Ball on Saturday.

Maryland State Delegate elect Courtney Watson (District 9B) catching up and shopping small with Calvin Ball in Ellicott City.

Finishing off the day with the family in Ellicott City for dinner.

So for those keeping track…that was breakfast, lunch and dinner with a lot of stops in between to shop small in Howard County on Saturday.

Any elected official or future candidate for office wondering what they should be doing on social media…watch the accounts of Calvin Ball. He and his team are great at it. They share information we need and shows how he is engaging with the community.

Scott E

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