Elevate Maryland – Episode 45 with History-Makers Calvin Ball, Richard Gibson and Marcus Harris at Lupa in Columbia, MD!

Elevate Maryland (A biweekly podcast with Maryland focus and Howard County roots, exploring the policies, people, and stories that affect the state of Maryland. Each week we’ll talk to newsmakers and everyday people in order to elevate the conversation and find out what matters most) had a big show yesterday with Calvin Ball, Rich Gibson and Marcus Harris at Lupa in Columbia, MD.  Here is a little bit more about it:

On Tuesday, November 6, 2018, Howard County voters elected the first African American County Executive in Calvin Ball, the first African American State’s Attorney in Rich Gibson, and the first African American Sheriff in Marcus Harris. History was made and we are excited that these three gentlemen are joining us for a special Thanksgiving show.

If you were not able to make it out to see the show in person…here is a link to the Facebook video of the show:

Elevate Maryland announced their new list of show sponsors:   http://elevatemdpodcast.com/sponsors/.

The podcast has not been posted on the new website this morning yet…but I am sure it will be there soon:  http://elevatemdpodcast.com/episodes/

I highly recommend you follow them if you are not already…these are great interviews and I look forward to seeing what topics they discuss going forward and what other local leaders are on the show.

Scott E

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