Delegate Vanessa Atterbeary Responds To Comments About Proposed Legislation In HoCo 3-19 – Impact Fees

I have been hearing that some folks are asking questions related to the proposed legislation in HoCo 3-19. Don’t know much about it yet? Here is some summary language:

“FOR the purpose of altering the amount of the school facilities surcharge in Howard County; authorizing the County Council of Howard County to enact a local law providing for the annual alteration of the amount of the school facilities surcharge based on a certain calculation requiring the school facilities surcharge to be used only for the benefit of schools within whose attendance area certain residential construction is located; requiring the County Executive of Howard County to submit a certain report to certain persons at a certain time; defining a certain term; and generally relating to the school facilities surcharge in Howard County.”

Here is a link to the actual proposed legislation:

The Facebook Page HoCo APFO released the following statement yesterday:

“After years of misfires, the Howard County delegation released a bill which updates the school surcharge rates. With something that effects tens of thousands students, teachers, residents and businesses there is bound to be a great deal of conjecture from various stakeholders. This is a key piece of legislation interrelated with Adequate Public Facilities Ordinances that has a direct correlation with the quality of the school system as Howard County moves forward with planned growth. For the moment.. take the time to read the bill and make your own educated opinion. The opportunity to comment will be held a week from now in a public testimony session in The George Howard building Ellicott City on November 26th at 7pm. Are you going to follow the link to become informed and inform others? Are you going to join others in the extremely rare opportunity to address an issue at it’s source?

And this link:

I have seen a few other comments online…mostly of concern about the current language…with the biggest concern being “Requiring money collected to only be spent in the school district it originated from”…I have seen folks from Elkridge stating specific concerns over that language.

Delegate Atterbeary sent me the following information after my latest article:

“The Impact Fee bill got posted Fri. 1 provision i’m thinking needs to change is revenue generated stays in that area.  An alternative, to have some revenue stay in the district and a portion go to existing construction concerns. The issue then becomes creating a “scorecard” or a “priority list” of existing concerns. The “scorecard” or “priority list” would be generated by the school board and approved by the council.”

This is the way this stuff is supposed to work…legislation is proposed…discussed…and modified if necessary to meet the needs of the community. I am glad that Delegate Atterbeary remains engaged on important legislation like this for our community.

I am looking forward to the meeting on the 26th…I highly recommend you attend (or watch it online if you can not attend).

Scott E

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