One of the most disturbing stories of the week has to do with the hate speech flyers found around Ellicott City a couple of days ago…Here is information from WTOP:

WASHINGTON — Howard County police are investigating after flyers containing hate speech and a Ku Klux Klan logo were found in Ellicott City, Maryland.

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Here is a photo of the flyer that has been circulating around social media:

The Howard County Police Department posted the following message on Facebook:

Howard County police have been notified that flyers containing hate speech were scattered in the area of Main Street Ellicott City last night and are actively investigating. The flyers were found along the side of the road, and do not appear to target any person, vehicle, residence or business. The flyers do not appear to be specific to Howard County and have reportedly been discovered in other areas outside of the county. So far, approximately 40 flyers have been collected from the Ellicott City area. If you see a flyer, please call police at 410-313-2200 to report the location before disposing of it. If you have doorbell camera video that may have captured the person or people responsible, or the vehicle they were driving, please notify police. The police department denounces these hateful acts and is continuing to actively investigate.

County Executive Allan Kittleman posted the following message on Facebook:

A joint statement with Jon Weinstein – Howard County Council:

We are saddened and disturbed that fliers filled with hate speech have been distributed in Ellicott City. There is no place for hate in our society and after all Ellicott City has been through in the past two years, it is heartbreaking to see this community faced with this disgusting display of antisemitism, racism and intolerance. To a person, we stand united against these attitudes and messages. The spirit of Ellicott City is commUNITY for all and our commUNITY rejects these thoughts and attitudes. If you have any information about these fliers, or concerns about suspicious activities, please contact our police department. An investigation is underway.

County Executive Elect Calvin Ball posted the following message on Facebook:

Early this morning, disturbing flyers were found in Ellicott City spewing hateful propaganda.
It never fails that when we are at our best, when we are living out our values of diversity and inclusion those negative voices of division and hate try to drown us out. We will rise to this challenge, Howard County. I have spoken with the Chief of Police, and will work with him and the outgoing County Executive to ensure this matter is fully investigated and resolved. We will live our response in the days, weeks, and months ahead by showing that hate has no place in Howard County.

Let us all hope the investigation finds out who created and distributed this crap and they are prosecuted to the fullest extent the law allows.

As an update…these same flyers have also been reported in Carroll County via Carroll County Times:

KKK flyers distributed in Eldersburg neighborhood, Sykesville

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  1. These people are the epitome of ignorance. If they really bothered to look and research WHY taxes are so high, they would soon learn that it’s because sly, rich, white business titans don’t pay their fair share of taxes. The rich are NEVER satisfied and have worked the system and created loopholes to keep from paying taxes. The people penning this crap are the ones with an IQ of 85.

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