Every time it looks like we might start to make some progress on the gerrymandering issues we have in Maryland (Maryland officials must draw up a new congressional redistricting plan by March 7th)…this happens: (article via The Washington Post)

Maryland appeals partisan gerrymandering decision to Supreme Court

Maryland’s attorney general on Thursday appealed to the Supreme Court a ruling that threw out the state’s congressional voting map and ordered officials to redraw lines before the 2020 election.

You can read the full article here:   https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/maryland-will-appeal-partisan-gerrymandering-decision-to-supreme-court/2018/11/15/e934edfa-e6af-11e8-bbdb-72fdbf9d4fed_story.html?utm_term=.eef9d83b11b6

I have to admit every time I see stuff like this from Frosh…all I can think is that he is using his office for political reasons and not to serve the residents of this state. If he wants to use his recent reelection to continue to attack the Trump administration…I say go for it…but this is about doing what is right in Maryland…and continuing this fight has nothing to do with serving us…this has do to with continuing to play political games with the congressional districts in Maryland…which many believe is wrong (Maryland residents widely favor having an independent commission draw political boundaries, according to a 2017 Goucher Poll that showed 73 percent favor the approach, with only 20 percent saying politicians should do the design).

According to the article “The Supreme Court could resolve the case without holding oral arguments, or the justices could consider combining it with another gerrymandering case from North Carolina, where Republican legislative leaders have appealed an August ruling that found “invidious partisan discrimination” to favor Republicans over Democrats in 2016 congressional races. The court could also put one of the cases on hold until the other is resolved.”…I am cheering for them to resolve the case without holding oral arguments and shut down this appeal and hold up the decision from the federal judges.

I will continue to track the progress of this issue.

Scott E


  1. I understand very well why Gov. Hogan would want a new congressional redistricting plan for Maryland and why Attorney General Frosh would want to appeal the federal court decision that would require the adoption of such a plan. For Hogan, it would provide Republicans with one more seat in the House of Representatives. For Frosh, appealing the decision might encourage the Supreme Court to set a national standard that would require the many Republican-controlled states that currently redistrict for THEIR partisan advantage to stop doing it at the same time as does Maryland. Unilateral surrender on this issue is not for me and it apparently is not for Frosh either. Because they enact laws that affect us, it MATTERS how many Democrats and how many Republicans are elected to the Congress. Maryland Democrats in the legislature know that and so too do all of those Republican legislators in the many states where they redistrict for their advantage. I believe that fair redistricting requires that everybody do it the same way at the same time and Maryland should not voluntarily go first and hope that all of those Republicans will follow suit. We can see how they operate in the Congress.

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