Did you see the article published by the Baltimore Sun / Howard County Times yesterday and get totally confused by it in regards to Bob Glascock…I know I did…and I also know I was not the only one. If you missed it…here is an excerpt from it:

Howard school board race unchanged as absentee ballots are tallied

(quoted text removed at the request of the Baltimore Sun)

Here is the full article:   https://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/howard/ph-ho-cf-absentee-school-board-1122-story.html

Now when I first read it…I said to myself…didn’t Bob already concede this race. I then went back and looked at this campaign social media account…here is a post from November 7th (1 day after the general election):

I then saw the article and the quote about Bob Glascock quoted in a political group on Facebook. I commented on that thread…and then reached out to Bob for clarification. He responded to me and then posted this on his social media account today:

I wish the Howard County Times reporter would have been more clear in the article…because it was not and caused me and others to read it as if Bob was still contesting this race. This does not feel like good reporting to me for our local paper and to be published on the Baltimore Sun website.

I was happy to see Bob publish what he did on social media today to clear it all up. I will note that I told Bob that I hoped he runs again in 2020…he would be a great candidate in District 2.

Scott E