I am stepping away from information blogging and back into personal blogging for the morning with this story about how my daughter and I each got a vote for U.S. Congress in Maryland Congressional District 3. I had promised a cute early voting story in an earlier post…and here it is:

This election was the first my daughter has voted in and on the way to vote (day 1 of early voting) she and I were discussing the candidates she could vote for this year. I was walking her though information about each candidate in most of the races (particularly the local ones). Most of the races I was giving her a basic summary of what I knew about each candidate. As we spoke about the candidates she thought it would be fun to vote for each other this year…and it hit me…what a great idea that is…something we can do together and remember forever.

In my head I was running through the various races and wanted to feel comfortable that if we did this we did not affect the outcome of any race by voting for each other…and I came up with the idea that we could write in each others name in for U.S. Congress in District 3.

Why that race? The most important factor was that I knew that John Sarbanes was a 100% lock to win it and that two votes would in no way swing that race. I like Congressman Sarbanes so I hope he understands this has nothing to do with him…but a fun family thing to do while voting with a first time voter in the family.  Here were the votes in that race from Howard County:

So in Howard County, Sarbanes received nearly 73% of the vote in Howard County (and overall he received 68.8% of the vote in District 3)…again…no shot he was ever going to lose that race. 10 Write-In votes cast during early voting…and I know that at least two of them were my daughter voting for me and me voting for my daughter.

That is my cute early voting story…something that I will remember forever…that when she voted for the first time…I got to vote for her and she got to vote for me that year.

I will be back at more informational and technology posts in the near future…just thought this would be a good post for an early Sunday morning.

Scott E