I thought I would take a minute or two to document the changes to elected officials after the 2018 election and the “Blue Wave” that hit Howard County.

Local offices in Howard County:

Howard County Executive:

Was: Allan Kittleman (R)


Now: Calvin Ball (D)

Howard County Council D1:

Was: Jon Weinstein (D)

Now: Liz Walsh (D)

Howard County Council D2:

Was: Calvin Ball (D)

Now: Opel Jones (D)

Howard County Council D3:

Was: Jen Terrasa (D)

Now: Christiana Rigby (D)

Howard County Council D4:

Was: Mary Kay Sigaty (D)

Now: Deb Jung (D)

Howard County Council D5:

Was: Greg Fox (R)

Now: David Yungmann (R)

The only party change here is the County Executive switching from Red to Blue in 2018.

Howard County Courthouse Offices

State’s Attorney:

Was: Dario Broccolino (D)

Now: Rich Gibson (D)

Clerk of the Court: 

Was: Wayne Robey (D)

Now: Wayne Robey (D)

Register of Wills:

Was: Byron Macfarlane (D)

Now: Byron Macfarlane (D)


Was: Bill McMahon (R)

Now: Marcus Harris (D)

Judge of the Orphans’ Court:

Was: Anne L. Dodd (D), Nicole Bormel Miller (D), Leslie Smith Turner (D)

Now: Anne L. Dodd (D), Elizabeth Ann Fitch (D), Leslie Smith Turner (D)

The only party change at the courthouse was the office of Sheriff. I will note that Bill McMahon was not elected to this office…he was appointed after James F. Fitzgerald (D) was forced to resign.

Maryland State Senators and Delegates

District 9 Senate:

Was: Gail Bates (R)

Now: Katie Hester (D)

District 9A Delegate:

Was:Warren Miller (R) & Trent Kittleman (R)

Now: Warren Miller (R) & Trent Kittleman (R)

District 9B Delegate:

Was: Bob Flanagan (R)

Now: Courtney Watson (D)

District 12 Senate:

Was: Ed Kasemeyer (D)

Now: Clarence Lam (D)

District 12 Delegate:

Was: Clarence Lam (D), Terri Hill (D), Eric Ebersole (D)

Now: Terri Hill (D), Eric Ebersole (D), Jessica Feldmark (D)

District 13 Senate:

Was: Guy Guzzone (D)

Now: Guy Guzzone (D)

District 13 Delegate:

Was: Frank Turner (D), Shane Pendergrass (D), Vanessa Atterbeary (D)

Now: Shane Pendergrass (D), Vanessa Atterbeary (D), Jen Terrasa (D)

The big changes were in District 9…where the Senate seat in 9 and the Delegate seat in 9B switched from Red to Blue.

Overall the Republicans lost 3 seats (County Executive, State Senate D9, State Delegate D9B)…I don’t really count the Sheriff position because it was a Democrat that was elected in 2014.

Bonus Information 

Once the Maryland State Board of Elections website publishes additional data I will have additional posts breaking down some of that information. Here are two good pieces of information for today (click the images to enlarge):

Turnout by political party:

Dem turnout in Howard County was 66.86%. GOP turnout in Howard County was 65.97%. Unaffiliated turnout in Howard County was 54.21%

Turnout by county in Maryland:

Howard County ranked 4th in turnout percentage after early voting (trailing Talbot, Queen Anne’s and Kent Counties)…and after election day we jumped up to second best by turnout percentage (trailing only Talbot County) in the state of Maryland.

Stay tuned folks…I will have more posts in the near future.

Scott E