Just a few hours ago Katie Hester posted the following on Facebook about the Maryland State Senate District 9 race:

I can only assume that means the absentee and provisional counts completed at some point last night in both Howard and Carroll Counties. Here are the numbers on the SBOE website:

Now I checked and the absentee / provisional numbers listed above are from Carroll County…nothing has been posted to the SBOE website from Howard County as of this post so I have no idea what those numbers are (but one would assume they are in favor of Hester).

I have not seen a post from Bates on social media conceding this race or anything yet about a possible re-count in the near future (with a 0.3% margin I would not be shocked at all if a recount is requested).

I will continue to follow this story in the event of additional news or social media posts later today.

Scott E