Well it finally happened…the court has said that congressional districts must be redrawn before the 2020 election…Here is more information:

COLLEGE PARK (AP) — Maryland officials must draw up a new congressional redistricting plan that isn’t tainted by partisan gerrymandering, a panel of federal judges ruled Wednesday.

Read the full story here:   https://www.stardem.com/news/state_news/judges-order-md-to-draw-new-congressional-map-for/article_e3afd4de-6efe-5d54-bf34-470df7fa66e0.html

Stay tuned folks…this may not be a done deal yet…

A spokeswoman for Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh’s office, which has defended the state against the lawsuit, said in an email that the office is “reviewing options” after the judges’ decision.

I know this entire thing has been about District 6 out west…but as someone that lives in District 3…I really want redistricting…my congressional district is ridiculously drawn.

I will continue to follow and comment on this issue as it moves forward.

Scott E