Election 2018 – Maryland State Senate District 12 and State Delegate District 12 – Results

Team 12 wins in 2018…I have written before that Howard County is the key to winning in District 12…and this election once again proved that fact. Here are the numbers as we know them right now:

State Senate District 12:

Vote Totals By County:

  • Baltimore: Lam – 9,067 | Hooe – 9,000
  • Howard: Lam – 21,630 | Hooe – 6,979

You can see what I am saying about Howard County being the key in District 12. Baltimore County numbers were close…Howard County was not.

State Delegate District 12:

Here are screenshots by county:



As you can see (again)…Howard County is the key to District 12.

I did want to say a big congrats to Melanie Harris…who actually received the 2nd most votes of all candidates in Baltimore County. Harris ran a good campaign (by far the best of all Republicans in this race) and it is no shock to me that she ended up with the most votes on that side of the ticket.

More data and results to report…when I get time in the coming days…stay tuned.

Scott E

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