The “Blue Wave” in Howard County hit district 9 pretty hard…flipping four “Red” seats to one “Blue” seat, two “Red” seats and one seat “up in the air” at the moment. Here are the results as we stand right now:

Maryland State Senate District 9: Katie Hester leads Gail Bates by 154 votes.

This race is still not fully decided yet…we now wait on the absentee and provisional ballots. Don’t be shocked if there is a recount in this race as well. We may wait a while before we fully know who won this race.


Maryland State Delegate 9A: Trent Kittleman & Warren Miller

Maryland State Delegate 9B: Courtney Watson

The race in 9A was really decided by Carroll County leaning in favor of the Republicans. Ziegler actually finished second in Howard County…but the votes in Carroll made the difference.

The race in 9B was one of the most negative we saw here in Howard County…with BIG money spent on mailers from outside entities from both parties (I wrote a lot about that over the past few weeks). Courtney Watson came out on top by a little more than 2,600 votes.

More races to be evaluated soon…plus I will keep a close on on the Senate 9 race going forward.

Scott E