The Howard County Board of Education winners in Howard County are Vicky Cutroneo, Chao Wu (who both get 4 year terms)…and Jen Mallo and Sabina Taj (who both get 2 year terms). Here are the vote totals as of right now:

I want to say the following about each:

Vicky Cutroneo: Vicky was the lock of this race and she did not disappoint receiving the most overall votes.

Chao Wu: Had the coolest slogan “A vote for Wu is a vote for you” and had the best volunteer system I have ever seen. I never went to a polling location to take photos without seeing a Chao Wu volunteer there…that was the primary and general…I am not sure I have ever sen a team like he put together working the polls.

Jen Mallo: I knew Jen from back on a HCPSS Policy Committee we both served on together and she had my vote from early on…and she worked as hard as anyone to get this win.

Sabina Taj: Worked every bit as hard as Jen to get this win and had the support of many Democrats in Howard County…especially the Howard County Democratic Central Committee.

I believe all four of these newly elected officials will be great members of the HoCoBOE.

This setups up a fun 2020 election for HoCoBOE. If Jen and Sabina run for re-election…and all three current members decide to run…this is what we might see in 2020 (candidates will run by district):


Christina Delmont-Small vs Sabina Taj


No candidate yet


No candidate yet


Kirsten Coombs vs Mavis Ellis vs Jen Mallo


No candidate yet

Look out folks…2020 for HoCoBOE might be a fun one.

Scott E


  1. Would love to see Bob Glascock run again. Seems like second time is a charm for many of our more experienced candidates.

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