Today is the big day…ELECTION DAY!!! The day many candidates have been working towards for more than a year now. I am not going to tell you this morning who I think you should vote for today…My goal with this blog has been to be a community resource you can utilize to learn about the candidates and issues in our community.

I voted on day 1 of early voting and I can tell you that I voted for some Democrats and some Republicans…and one other…that I will share as a cute story sometime after the election. I have been trying to craft a statement for this post…and yesterday Pam Long (of Pam Long Photography) had the best one I have seen online leading up to voting today:

As we prepare to go to the polls tomorrow, there’s one thing I would encourage everyone to consider. Ignore campaign signs that say vote for candidates from one party or the other. Vote for candidates who show real leadership. Vote for candidates who have records of accomplishment. Before you vote for a candidate to address a specific problem, think about who really created the problem in the first place. Solutions are not easy. It doesn’t matter if a candidate’s name has a D or an R next to it. No one party has a monopoly on good ideas or answers. It matters if the candidate has the ability to listen and craft collaborative solutions and has a true vision for the future and how to make our commUNITY stronger and better.

I want to wish ALL of the candidates good luck today. I have seen how difficult it can be to run for office and I thank you all for putting yourselves out there this election cycle. I also want to give one last special thank you to the various local candidates that choose to advertise on Scott E’s blog during the general election cycle:

The funding has gone to boost blog posts on Facebook and has helped posts reach more local potential voters (and hopefully helped spread your name in the community in advance of today).

The weather forecast is a little better than it was 48 hours ago (this is via for Clarksville):

So the bad weather will be from 9:00am until around 1:00pm…but this afternoon now looks like it will be OK…and this evening looks fine.

Remember that tonight there are a number of election night watch parties:

If you need to find where to vote today…check out this article:

I am hoping to make it out and about a little bit today…maybe get some final photos of candidates and volunteers at the polls…not sure which location I will be hitting up…but if I know where you are I might swing by…so be sure to post online (Facebook or Twitter) pictures today and your location(s). It is your last chance to connect with the community before they go cast a vote.

One last thing for my readers…if you did not vote early…GO VOTE TODAY!!! Polls open in less than 1 hour.

Scott E