Now I do not follow every single business in every single city in Howard County…but I follow a decent number of businesses and this caught my eye just a bit ago. Two businesses posted support of Bob Flanagan (Delegate District 9B) on their social media channels.

Portalli’s: Reminds voters to vote by sharing a post form October 29th when they came out in support of Delegate Flanagan.

Ellicott Mills Brewing Company: Shares a post from the owner in support of Delegate Flanagan and County Executive Kittleman.

(click the image above to see the full sized version)

Why is this significant? Portailli’s has more than 3,300 followers on Facebook and Ellicott Mills Brewing Company has more than 5,500 followers. If these followers are local…this could be a big boost for Delegate Flanagan on election day.


I will keep my eye out for more of these as the day moves along. Lots and lots to follow online with candidates and supporters…and they all look to be having a good time out in the rain (I am staying in doors and on the phone with people until this passes this morning).

Good luck to everyone out there…stay as warm and dry as you can…getting sick would not be a great post election activity.

Scott E