I have learned to not always believe weather forecasts…because you can never know how accurate they will be…especially days in advance. I still look at what may be coming and for election day in Howard County…it does not look great. Here is the forecast for November 6th in Columbia via The Weather Underground:

So it looks like we could have rain and thunderstorms from 4:00am through 3:00pm or 4:00pm (if this hourly chart is correct). If this is correct…this could reduce voting on election day locally…especially early on in the day. It does look like this clears up later in the day and it would not surprise me to see long lines when voters get off work and hit the polling locations to cast votes on election day. Will this drive down the number of voters…no way to tell yet…but it might.

The other thing this does is put candidates, campaign staffers and volunteers in this messy weather all day. That may not be a fun day for them and will make it much harder to connect with voters…because they will be running right by you in order to get inside and out of that weather.

Now it is a weather forecast…so nothing is set in stone…but campaigns locally should keep a close eye on this and have a plan.

Scott E