I swear every time I think it is over with the bad mailers…I get sent a whole batch of them again…dang it November 7th get her soon…if for no other reason so that this stops coming to our mailboxes…So we get negative mailers against Courtney Watson, Bob Flanagan and Clarence Lam…here is the first from District 9B…against Courtney Watson:

Here is the next one against Bob Flanagan:

And finally…one in the Senate race in District 12 against Clarence Lam from the RSLC:

Goodness folks…if we don’t stand up to all of these…they will never stop. Outside Howard County money is trying hard to buy elections here in our county…and NONE of these candidates are standing up and saying this is wrong…so if we don’t…no one will.

Best advice I can give you…contact the candidates…tell them to make a statement against these mailers…or tell them they will not get your vote. This is the only way it stops. Do not think they will do it unless we demand that they do…because they have not yet.

So to my count…this is the 8th negative mailer against Flanagan (all in the general) and Watson has had three (3 in the general and 1 in the primary) against her at this point.. I still feel REALLY bad for all of the registered voters in District 9B…and now a bit bad in 12 (because the RSLC is attacking the delegate and senate races)…this stuff has to be annoying you at this point…and I am betting many of your are looking forward to this election ending when you can go to your mailboxes again without getting this stuff out of it.

How much money have the various outside Howard County entities spent on these mailers at this point? It has to be a crazy high amount of money by now…how much are they willing to spend to put down candidates so that the other candidate can win this election? Is this the type of elections we want locally…outside money doing this in order for a candidate to win? I am so disappointed at this point.

Do the right thing…when you get this silly stuff in your mailbox…put it right where it belongs…in the trash (right after you take a photo and send it to me).

Scott E’s Blog will continue to call out these type of attack mailers (especially from outside entities). It is my hope that by calling them out…this stops them coming into our mailboxes in the future (I know…it probably won’t…but one can hope).

Scott E


  1. This is typical FUD factor. Just in case people need to know what FUD means….fear, uncertainty, doubt….brought to you by the GOP. GOP politics at it’s best!

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