Howard County Early Voting – 2018 General – Day 8 and Final Results

I think we all expected a nice bump in Howard County voter turnout on day 8 of early voting…and we were not disappointed. More than 7,800 people cast votes on day 8. Here are the daily breakdown numbers by location for all 8 days of early voting:

Howard County finished 4th in the state in voter turnout percentage with 21.93% of eligible voters voting early in 2018 (we had 10.97% in 2014).

I will be putting together a more detailed summary of numbers tomorrow breaking down turnout by party, by councilmanic district, by legislative district and maybe some additional information once I have time to crunch all of the numbers.

Here are a couple of teasers in advance of the full summary article:

  • Miller Library not only had the most votes cast in the county…but had the most votes cast in the state at any one early voting center with 18,835 votes cast at that location.
  • Howard County District 1 had the highest turnout with 24.98%
  • Legislative District 9B had the highest turnout (in regards to Howard County districts) with 28.43%.
  • Democrats owns the voter turnout race with 26.26% of eligible voters casting votes during early voting in Howard County.

Again…I will have more details for you tomorrow when I have more time to crunch through all of the numbers.

You can view all of the numbers here:

Scott E

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