I have written about negative mailers in State Senate, State Delegate and County Council races here in Howard County…and this is the first one that I have been sent in the Howard County State’s Attorney race. Here is the mailer:

I have seen this information posted on social media. I believe the first time I saw it was on the Howard County Police Officers Association (HCPOA) Facebook page back on October 19th. I also saw this information as a Facebook advertisement from the Oldham campaign on Facebook. Now we get a negative mailer sent to the mailboxes around Howard County (it is like the candidates do not understand people are still sending these mailers to me or that I might just ignore it this time…nope…I will not ignore it).

I am all for positive campaigns and I even understand mailers that show a comparison between candidates…but this is not that…this is just a negative attack piece…and I am just not a fan…and I hope many of you (no matter the candidate or party) feel the same. I know some will call this an informational mailer…but really…that is like saying all of the other ones I am calling out are just informational…and while yes they all have information…these are negative attack pieces.

This mailer has two authority lines: Friends of Kim Y. Oldham and Howard County Republican Party. You don’t see two authority lines very often…so a little noteworthy.

I have been a fan of the Oldham campaign…but similar to the article I wrote about the Hester campaign (another campaign I am a fan of)…I am calling all of these out…so no free passes on negative mailers in Howard County right now from me.

Do the right thing…when you get this silly stuff in your mailbox…put it right where it belongs…in the trash (right after you take a photo and send it to me).

Scott E’s Blog will continue to call out these type of attack mailers (especially from outside entities). It is my hope that by calling them out…this stops them coming into our mailboxes in the future (I know…it probably won’t…but one can hope).

Scott E


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