Howard County Early Voting – 2018 General – Day 6 Results

We saw a slight decrease in voter turnout between day 5 (Monday) and day 6 (Tuesday) in Howard County. Just over 5,900 votes were cast on day 6. Here is the daily breakdown chart:

This dip on day 6 mirrors what we saw here in Howard county in 2014 and it is in no way an item of concern for me yet. If history holds we should see a nice bump up in voting today.

We are now at 15.72% voter turnout at this point…and remain in 4th place in the state with voter turnout.

I always give you another random piece of information…so I am back looking at Councilmanic districts. Here are the numbers:

(I hate it when the data runs onto the next page).

  • District 1 has the best early voting numbers with 18.14%
  • District 3 remains at the bottom with 12.62%

Keep up the good work Howard County. If you have not voted yet…go out and vote by November 1st and avoid the long lines on election day.

You can track the numbers daily on this blog or here:

Scott E

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