Allan Kittleman Responds To The HCEA Video – Facts Matter

The Howard County Education Association (HCEA) published a video on Facebook titled “Facts Matter” and with the text “This is a message for our members about the race for County Executive”. They outline a number of items and why they support Calvin Ball for County Executive.

Today, Allan Kittleman responds with is own video on the items noted from the HCEA video. Here is that video:

Three days remain in early voting…and voters in Howard County have proved they are motivated to vote this year. I wonder if these competing videos will change the minds of voters as they go out to vote?


Note – I embedded the Kittleman video in this post because it was on YouTube…I was not able to embed the HCEA video because it is only on Facebook but I made sure to link to the original video in the text above so you can see it as well. 


Scott E


  1. Well done. I sincerely hope HOCo voters recognize the lengths HCEA and Calvin Ball are willing to go to garnish undeserved votes. The truth will set you free!


  2. It is a disgrace for a public school teacher association to advocate for a candidate based on false information. How easy voters can be misled!


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