2018 General Election – Early Voting – Day 5 – Photos

As I wait for Day 5 early voting numbers to come in…I thought I would share some photos I took on day 5 out a Miller Library around 4:30pm or so yesterday…here are the images:

I was a little surprised at how few candidates I saw at that location yesterday. Miller library has been the high voter turnout this election in Howard County and at that time…I really expected more candidates. Maybe candidates have figured that door knocking is more beneficial than standing outside with their signs…can’t wait till this election is over to find out.

I was also able to make it out to La Palapa Grill & Cantina in Ellicott City for most of the live broadcast of Elevate Maryland. Seriously…if you are not listening to them at this point…you are missing out.

Stay tuned this morning…day 5 early voting numbers are coming…as soon as they post them on the SBOE website.

Scott E

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