Sorry this is late today…I had jury duty…but I am back now and here we go…

I did not have high expectations for Day 4 early voting numbers…boy was I wrong…more than 4,900 votes were cast on Sunday. To make this even better…the 2.29% of eligible voters cast votes on that day made Howard County the best in the state on Sunday. Here are the numbers by location:

History says that voter numbers should be better on day 5 than day 3 and 4…but I am not sure how much better. 2014 there was a big uptick on day 5 but 2016 is was only slightly better on day 5. The numbers in Howard County have been great so far in 2018…can we keep that going over the next 4 days?

Overall in the state we remain one of the best counties in terms of voter turnout %:

  1. Talbot (15.50%)
  2. Queen Anne’s (11.84%)
  3. Kent (10.82%)
  4. Howard (10.15%)
  5. Harford (9.18%)

Voter turnout is so high even Ben Jealous made it into Howard County this morning:

Here is my additional random fact for the day…a look at voting by legislative districts here in Howard County:

So the statewide average is 7.05%…and districts 9A, 9B, 12 and 13 are all exceeding that number.

  • District 9B is the best with turnout percentage at 13.74%
  • District 13 is the worst with turnout percentage at 8.34% (still better than the state average).

Keep up the good work Howard County. If you have not voted yet…go out and vote by November 1st and avoid the long lines on election day.

You can track the numbers daily on this blog or here:

Scott E