Howard County Early Voting – 2018 General – Day 3 Results

Day 3 early voting numbers were down…but much higher than expected here in Howard County with more than 5,000 votes cast on Saturday. Here are the numbers (with some of the past election numbers):

History has said that the numbers take a sharp turn down on Saturday and Sunday…and with the poor weather we had yesterday…I really expected the numbers to be bad. I was VERY wrong.

Miller Library remains the most popular location to vote in the county…that location had over 2,100 votes cast yesterday. Will HoCoMD vote heavy on day 4? Stay tuned…I will let you know tomorrow morning.

Every day I give you a bonus random fact to go along with the voting numbers by location…so today I thought I would take a look at how Howard County is doing against the other counties in Maryland in terms of turnout. Well folks…we are rocking the vote here in HoCoMD…here are the top 5 counties base on voter turnout %:

  1. Talbot (13.23%)
  2. Queen Anne’ (10.16%)
  3. Kent (9.01%)
  4. Howard (7.86%)
  5. Harford (7.80%)

The state wide average is (5.67%). Here are some other notable counties around the state:

  • Anne Arundel (6.16%)
  • Baltimore City (3.87%)
  • Baltimore County (6.14%)
  • Frederick (4.99%)
  • Montgomery (5.75%)
  • Prince George’s (5.12%)

That Baltimore City number is surprising…if not down right shocking.

Here is a graphic with all counties:

Keep up the good work Howard County. If you have not voted yet…today might just be the perfect day to go out and vote.

You can track the numbers daily on this blog or here:

Scott E

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