Howard County Early Voting – 2018 General – Day 2 Results

More than 6,000 people came out to vote on day 2 of early voting….way to go HoCoMD!!!

Here are the numbers (with some of the past election numbers):

Here are the numbers for each councilmanic district in HoCoMD: (yep…this random info will change daily)


So District 3 voting remains low…like really low…but not because of me…I live in that district and voted on day 1. D1 and D4 are rocking that vote so far.

Weather looks not great for today…and the weekend is historically bad for early voting…so do not expect great numbers today or tomorrow. That will not stop me publishing the numbers…so be sure to check back here in the morning for the latest updates.

Not sure I will be out and about getting photos today…but you never know…so be prepared…lol…but you can view day 2 photos from Miller Library here:

I survived my birthday…so I am back at this…I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

You can track the numbers daily on this blog or here:

Scott E

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