As if candidates did not have enough going on right now with early voting kicking off today…they also have to deal with their final campaign finance reporting deadline (tomorrow) before election day.

Here is the full schedule:

Now a few candidates have already filed their reports:

  • China Williams (Howard County Council District 5)
  • John Liao (Howard County Council District 2)
  • Bob Glascock (Howard County Board of Education)

Those are the ones I saw online this morning…maybe there are others and I missed them…but no worries…everyone has another day to get these together and submitted.

I probably won’t be doing an extensive breakdown of each report (because I have a feeling that early voting numbers will keep me busy) but if I notice something of interest to the readers…I may put out a summary article detailing those items.

Candidates…I know you are busy…but don’t miss this deadline.

Good luck to you all.

Scott E