In my on-going rant about negative mailers…I got sent three more today. All of them coming from District 9 (Senate District 9 and Delegate District 9B races). Here we go:

Mailer against Gail Bates:

This is the first negative mailer I have heard of against State Senator Gail Bates. I did not get the “authority” line in the image sent to me. If you know who it came from…let me know in the comments. (Article Update: I am being told that this mailer came from Friends of Katie Fry Hester. There is also second mailer related to climate change with that authority line on it. This would be the first negative mailers coming directly from a campaign that has been sent to me so far this election cycle).

Mailer against Courtney Watson:

This is the first negative mailer (in the general election) I have heard of against Courtney Watson. The mailer came from the Republican House Caucus Committee (I am assuming in response to the mailers coming from the Maryland Democratic House Committee Slate against Bob Flanagan).

Mailer against Bob Flanagan:

This is the 5th negative mailer against Bob Flanagan I have had sent to me at this point. That is just absolutely ridiculous in my own personal opinion. I think all of them are bad (not just the ones against Flanagan…but seriously all of them)…but 5 of them against one candidate…seriously? I did not get the authority line in the image…but I am betting it came from the Maryland Democratic House Committee Slate (If I am wrong…let me know and I will update this article). (Article update: Someone emailed me and confirmed that this mailer was from Maryland Democratic House Committee Slate).

Do the right thing…when you get this silly stuff in your mailbox…put it right where it belongs…in the trash (right after you take a photo and send it to me).

Scott E’s Blog will continue to call out these type of attack mailers (especially from outside entities). It is my hope that by calling them out…this stops them coming into our mailboxes in the future (I know…it probably won’t…but one can hope).

Scott E


  1. Apparently … one would think it would be considered negative if only it misrepresented the truth. A person’s voting record has always been considered fair game.

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