I was able to make it out to Bain Center and Ridgley Run to grab a few (40) photos of candidates, supporters and signs (so many signs). Here is a link to view the Day 1 early voting photos from those locations: (click the image)

The most important aspect of the outing was actually voting today…especially since I got to go with my daughter (who was also my photographer for the day). This was the first time she voted in an election. #ProudDad

Now if you did not have time to make it out today…worry not…you have until November 1st to vote early and avoid the long lines on election day.

Tomorrow I will be publishing the voting counts by location. All indications are that there was great turnout on day 1 at the various early voting centers in Howard County. I am looking forward to seeing the actual numbers and comparing them to previous years.

Scott E