Announced on Facebook this afternoon…Governor Larry Hogan has formally endorsed Joe Hooe in the Maryland State Senate District 12 race. This is the text of what was sent out:



DATE 10/23/2018

From the Desk of

Governor Larry Hogan

As Govemor, I’ve relied on good people like Joe Hooe to help me get things done in Annapolis. As a trusted Maryland businessman Joe has worked closely with me to help put our state back on track.

Together, we have added more than 100,000 jobs to our economy. More businesses are open and more Marylanders are working now than at any other time in our history. Taxes and tolls are lower now than they were four years ago. We have restored fiscal responsibility in Annapolis, passing four balanced budgets in a row with no new taxes and we have consistently funded K-12 education at record levels. I’m proud to also report that our economy is now among the strongest in the nation, and that the Chesapeake Bay is the healthiest it’s been in a generation

Now Joe Hooe is running to become the next state senator for Baltimore and How ard Counties. and I’m asking you to support him this November!

I’m proud of the work Joe and I have done in the past. But there are still big challenges ahead, and the reality is that I can’t fix our problems alone.
Joe is someone who will always put the priorities of his constituents over the interests of Annapolis insiders and special interests. He is a leader we can trust.

That’s why I’m asking you to please vote for Joe Hooe for state senator this November 6!

Larry Hogan, Governor

(Hopefully my OCR program did a good job with the conversion). If not…here is the image provided:

This is really late…or really good timing with early voting starting tomorrow. The big question mark is will this be enough to overcome Clarence Lam in the District 12 race? We will know soon.

Scott E