Allan Kittleman formally endorses Raj Kathuria and Calvin Ball’s statement of support for Liz Walsh

I know…a Republican endorsing a Republican is not really news…but I thought worth a mention this morning. Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman has formally endorsed Raj Kathuria in the Howard County Council District 1 race in a recently released video on Facebook (you can click the image about or view it here: Note…this video is not on his YouTube channel yet…which is why it is not embedded into this post.

The race in Howard County Council District 1 (between Raj Kathuria and Liz Walsh) looks like it will be a super close race and any good press and endorsements these candidates can get is a positive…even this late in the race.

I have seen multiple organizations (like police and fire fighters) not endorse anyone in this race…which I find super interesting. Both of these organizations backed Jon Weinstein in the primary…so maybe they just don’t have enough information to back either one of these candidates…but again…super interesting to me that they stayed away from this race all together.

Another thing that struck me as odd or interesting…I have been assuming that Calvin Ball is supporting Liz Walsh in this race…but I have not seen a similar video or even a post stating that fact. I checked Liz Walsh’s Facebook page…went back through August 1st…and did not find anything (heck, I am not even sure I saw an image of Calvin and Liz together). I also checked her website…and again, nothing noted from Calvin Ball on the endorsement page. So I reached out to Calvin Ball (via email) and asked the is the statement he sent me:

I support Liz Walsh for County Council in District 1 because I believe she is uniquely qualified to address the issues our community is facing, including recent residential development that’s been outpacing our infrastructure. Our shared priorities of investing in our schools, protecting our environment, and holding developers accountable will make us a great team. Moreover, her background as a civil engineer, especially as we work through land use and flood mitigation, will make her an asset to her district and our County. 

So no formal endorsement at this point but as I expected, he does support Liz Walsh in the Howard County Council District 1 race.

The Liz Walsh interview with Elevate Maryland (about the 1:08:30 mark) on July 29th gets mentioned to me from time to time in certain circles. In that interview, when asked about the County Executive race Liz Walsh states “I think D1 is a tough row to hoe for Calvin actually…“. When asked if she endorses Calvin Ball…she states “I do not know what crazy fool wants my endorsement…” and goes on speaking. The hosts continue to press her on the question and then she does state the following “I or we would endorse Calvin Ball even as recently as this courthouse issue or going back to APFO or industrial mulching or all manner of other votes that the council, where he has been serving the last number of years, thats the way I want to see my County Executive vote and act and he shares the same priorities that I have…“. So kind of an endorsement…but it did not seem like a super strong endorsement of Calvin Ball in the interview (for those talking to me about it).

My head says she fully supports Calvin Ball and all other Democrats running in Howard County. I am just surprised that there has not been more crossover between the two campaigns at this point in the election cycle. District 1 is a key race for a number of reasons…one…the party does not want to lose the seat on the council…and two…Calvin needs to do well in this swing district to do well in the County Executive race.

I did not reach out to Raj or Liz for a comment in this article. I wanted to focus on the optics I have been seeing on their websites, social media channels and things people are talking to me about in this race. I do hope they read this and make comments on this post (either on the website or on social media).

You know the race for District 1 is a concern for many when the local political bloggers are putting out posts over the past five days about it. The 53 and Spartan Considerations have both written articles…both (as expected) against Raj and for Liz. I believe a great many folks are concerned about this race and how it will end up the evening of November 6th. I know it is one of the local races I will be watching closely as the votes totals come in that evening.

One day until early voting kicks off. Will you be voting early or on election day? Let me know in the comments.

Scott E

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