New Allan Kittleman Video – The People’s Voice Endorsement

The Kittleman campaign released a new video yesterday featuring Lisa Markovitz (the President of The People’s Voice) talking about why their organization chose to endorse Allan Kittleman on their Ethics Ballot. Here is some of the text on the Kittleman website:

Ellicott City, MD – The People’s Voice, a local organization that helps inform residents of local government issues that affect their quality of life, is pushing to help Howard County residents understand the records of the candidates for County Executive.

In a video released today, the President of The People’s Voice, Lisa Markovitz, explained the organization’s vote analysis of Councilmember Calvin Ball after he decided to not answer the organization’s Ethics Ballot questionnaire. Before endorsing either candidate for County Executive, the Board of Directors, all Democrats, took it upon themselves to analyze Ball’s voting record.

“We looked at his 12-year voting record. We saw pro-development, pro-development. So much density, so much population increase in such a short amount of time that it overwhelmed the public resources, it crowded our schools. Over 12 years constantly having this growth, it’s created public safety concerns, and in such a huge way that we now have flooding and environmental concerns added to our woes,” said Markovitz.

Read the full text here:

Here is the video:

I think the strongest statement in the video is this “After examining the records of both Ball and County Executive Allan Kittleman, the Democratic board unanimously voted to endorse current County Executive Allan Kittleman for re-election to the Ethics Ballot.”

We are two days from the start of early voting. Know when and where to vote in Howard County:

Scott E

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