A 4th attack mailer from the Maryland Democratic House Committee Slate against Delegate Flanagan

The Maryland Democratic House Committee Slate has sent out a 4th attack mailer against Delegate Bob Flanagan in District 9B. I wrote previously about the first two…and then the third one…and they just don’t seem like they are going to end anytime soon . Here is the mailer:

I reached out the the candidates (Watson and Flanagan) for comments after the third mailer hit mailboxes…and Flanagan mentioned the following: “and (I) am a Mom’s Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate”. So I felt the need to check that out and see if it was true…especially after the narrative pushed by these attack ads.

So I went to the Moms Demand Action website (https://momsdemandaction.org/) and clicked on the Gun Sense Candidate Link (click the image below):

I then typed in an address in District 9B to see what showed up…and here is a screenshot of what they list:

So Courtney Watson AND Bob Flanagan are listed as Gun Sense Candidates per Moms Demand Action.

Scott E’s Blog will continue to call out these type of attack mailers (especially from outside entities). It is my hope that by calling them out…this stops them coming into our mailboxes in the future (I know…it probably won’t…but one can hope).

Do the right thing…when you get this silly stuff in your mailbox…put it right where it belongs…in the trash (right after you take a photo and send it to me…LOL). Also do your research on the issues and get to know all of the candidates…do not buy into these silly attack ads….as you can see…they only tell one side of the story…I find that to be the case more times than not.

Scott E


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