I am far from the political sign placement expert…but I had a reader send me this image last night/early this morning…and I said to myself…is this right? The signs look like they are in a public space (based on this image) and this is just wrong if that is the case?

Now my best bet is that the campaigns associated to these signs did not do it…but they should be upset about it…and find these signs and remove them as quickly as possible.

This election cycle…particularly back in the primary…sign placement was crazy in this county…to the point I wrote this:  Political Campaign Signage and Enforcement of the Howard County Sign Code.

Now this is not news…nor is it new…but unless someone says I will not accept it…it will not end. Candidates for office should not be cool with it if it is wrong…and should say something publicly about it (just my own opinion).

So Chao, Deb, Sabina, Marcus, Jen, Team 13, Calvin…and one other that I can’t see…should all look into this…just sayin…

If you see signs in spaces like this…let me know…let me know the location…and we together can stop it (I may not write an article about everyone…but I may post it on my Facebook page)…or at least let the candidates know we do not accept it and will call them out…this close to the election…we need to make sure ALL candidates and their supporters do the right things!!!

Scott E

Article update 10/23/18: The signs have been moved.


    • Take a photo and let me know the location…I am happy to call it out on Facebook. I am also hearing about of similar illegal sign for Walsh in D1…so apparently that district is bad with illegally placed signs. I don’t live in that district so I can only go by what I hear or what I see when I drive around the county. But if we want it to end…someone has to say no more and call it out…and so I am doing that right now.

  1. Is there a house on the other side of the trees? If so I’d assume the homeowner mows that strip and thinks they can place signs on the strip since they manage it. Technically though, they would want to be on the other side of the sidewalk. Would your average enthusiastic homeowner know that? Probably not. A homeowner has some AK signs in the sidewalk strip on Guilford Rd. I care less about homeowner sign enforcement and more about signs placed in exit ramps, stop signs, clear public right of ways, etc.

  2. The Tell HoCo app has a function to report signs. You need to provide an intersection or information about where it is along a road. Found it to work pretty well in the past.

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