Yesterday was a busy day in local politics with a lot of things happening around the county. Here is a recap of some of the things that caught my eye on social media:

Howard County Democrats Canvasing Event: (9:30am – 12:30pm)

Katie Hester (candidate for Maryland State Senate in District 9) had an event on her Facebook page titled “Canvassing with Cardin”. The text of the event read “We are so excited to welcome Senator Cardin to canvas with us to help flip District 9 from red to blue! Please join us in meeting the Senator and then heading out to talk to our neighbors about why their vote is so very important this year.”

I am told (from someone that was at the event) that around 60 people showed up for the event (see image above). The following candidates (office they are seeking or seeking re-election to) were in attendance for the event: Ben Cardin (U.S. Senate) , Calvin Ball (Howard County County Executive), Katie Hester (State Senate District 9), Courtney Watson (State Delegate District 9B), Jen Terrasa (State Delegate District 13). Even Brandon Scott (Baltimore City Council) attended this event wearing a Ben Cardin shirt.

Ribbon Cutting and more in Ellicott City:

Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman, Howard County Councilman Jon Weinstein and Maryland State Senator Gail Bates (District 9) were all in Ellicott City for the grand opening of A Journey From Junk at Linwood Boutique. They all were also at ClayGround Studio & Gallery in Ellicott City where the owners presented a check for $10,000 to the Ellicott City Partnership, which will help business owners, property owners and residents of Old Ellicott City who were impacted by the May 28th flood.

New mosaic at the new Elkridge Branch Library:

Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman and County Councilman Jon Weinstein attended the unveiling of a mosaic at the new Elkridge Branch Library. This beautiful addition was created by artist Yulia Hanansen to fit in with the library’s existing nautical theme.

Calvin Ball event at Club Pooche:

Later that afternoon (1:00pm to 3:00pm) Calvin Ball held an event at Club Pooche. This has become a popular location for events…this is the 2nd or 3rd political event in that location I have seen this election cycle.

Liz Walsh event:

Liz Walsh held and event “Liz’s Porch Party!” The event text read “Come and enjoy a Fall Fundraiser for Democratic Nominee for District 1, Liz Walsh, and hear her new ideas for Old Ellicott City in a private Victorian home built in the 1880s, across the way from Liz’s own porch. Refreshments will be served.” I did see one photo from the event (but it is not public so I am not going to share it here) and it looked like the event had about 13 or so people attend (that is just based on the one photo I saw online). This public photo was posted prior to the event:

Allan Kittleman Birthday event:

Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman had a fundraiser for this birthday yesterday “Allan Kittleman’s Backstage Birthday Bash at Merriweather”. The text of the event read “Come celebrate Allan Kittleman’s birthday backstage at Merriweather Post Pavillion on Saturday, October 20th, 2018.” I saw a handful of pictures from the event (but not public…so I am not posting them here). It looked well attended (but no way to say how well from the photos) and had elected officials and candidates for office in attendance. Here is the one photo I can share:

HoCoDems door knocking in Howard County Councilmanic District 3:

One or more of the Howard County Democratic Central Committee members were out door knocking in district 3. I only mention this because I live in district 3 and no one knocked on my door…darn slackers…only kidding…Rigby and others have knocked on my door before…just thought I would give y’all a little bit of a hard time this morning.

Those are the items I noticed yesterday…there may have been more…but obviously I did not see it online. If not mentioned in the article…sorry I missed your online post.

One last item of note – Yesterday in Ellicott City was the Harvest Music Weekend event on Main Street. I am more than a bit surprised I did not see more posted about that event from candidates. That seemed like a “target rich environment” to meet with potential voters…especially those running for County Executive, County Council in District 1, State Senate 9 and State Delegate in 9B. Maybe folks attended and I just have not seen the photos posted…or maybe all of the other events yesterday keep folks from being able to attend. I am just not sure.

Four days until Early Voting begins…everyone appears to be  pushing hard on their GOTV efforts.

What big items will happen today?

Scott E