Back when I wrote the article (Commercials In The Howard County Executive Race) I stated “I will be looking over some of the other local races and sharing videos that I come across (for those that have YouTube channels).“…so here is another post with commercials from candidates.

The race for Maryland State Delegate in District 9B is one of the most interesting ones we have here in Howard County in 2018 (between Bob Flanagan and Courtney Watson). I expect this race to be close…and GOTV efforts will be key for both candidates.

Both have produced videos and have them up on their YouTube channels (as well as other social media platforms). Here they are:

Delegate Bob Flanagan: Published on October 15th


Courtney Watson: Published on October 2nd

Both videos are about the same length (1:15 and 1:14). Not sure if either is running on TV at this point. If you have seen them…let me know what channels they are running on today.

Do you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments or in the comments on Facebook.

Don’t forget…early voting starts on Thursday the 25th of October.

Scott E