Another attack mailer from the Maryland Democratic House Committee Slate against Delegate Flanagan

The Maryland Democratic House Committee Slate has sent out a 3rd attack mailer against Delegate Bob Flanagan in District 9B. I wrote previously about the other two…and this one might be more ridiculous than the last ones. Here is the mailer:

So we are equating toasters with guns in dorm rooms…seriously that is one entire side of this mailer.

In the previous post I mentioned this mailer (from Alan Schneider) and how everyone felt the need to call it out as wrong during the Democratic primary:

I believed it was wrong in the primary and I believe the mailers happening in the general are also wrong…mailers like either one of these hurt the political process more than it helps inform voters.

Before writing this article I reached out to Delegate Flanagan and Courtney Watson (via email) and asked if they were interested in making a statement about the attack mailers from The Maryland Democratic House Committee Slate.

Here are the responses I received from both candidates:

Courtney Watson:

These aren’t from our campaign, nor are they coordinated with us. 

Delegate Bob Flanagan:

The House Democratic Slate is focused on maintaining their super majority and keeping entrenched power brokers in charge. It’s unfortunate that they have cherry picked a limited number of votes to paint my record as extreme and outside the interests of my constituents. One such example is their reference to a vote on a gun control measure, when I in fact voted for this bill in 2018 and am a Mom’s Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate

Even in local races DC-style politics will rear its head, this is nothing new. In the 2014 election, voters in my district were inundated with negative mail attacking myself (and my opponent). The same entity that sent about a dozen negative pieces in that election is also responsible for the ones referenced in this article. Based on the last election, we can assume that more of these negative and misleading attacks are coming.

While every campaign entity, slate, and group has a right to send whatever mail they choose, misleading or not, I urged the Republican caucus (in both 2014 and 2018) to refrain from using these tactics and to be as accurate and informative as possible if they do choose to send any. 

When I talk to voters at their doors, they have had it with today’s hyper-polarized political climate, and I am too. In Annapolis, Governor Hogan makes every effort to push politics aside and work together to solve problems that are important to Marylanders. I am totally committed to that effort. This misleading brand of politics will not stand in my way of reaching meaningful solutions to problems and continuing to work hard for Ellicott City.

Scott E’s Blog will continue to call out these type of attack mailers (especially from outside entities). It is my hope that by calling them out…this stops them coming into our mailboxes in the future (I know…it probably won’t…but one can hope).

You have a choice…accept these mailers and be fine with them (from either party)…or take a stand and tell these entities we will not accept or reward this type of campaigning in our county.

Do the right thing…when you get this silly stuff in your mailbox…put it right where it belongs…in the trash (right after you take a photo and send it to me…LOL).

Scott E

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