Howard County Register of Wills – Macfarlane vs Conley – LWVHC Interview Question

As we approach Early Voting in Maryland...I want to use the blog to make sure voters have information they need to make an informed choice on various races. In this post I am publishing videos from League of Women Voters of Howard County for the Howard County Register of Wills Race between Byron Macfarlane and Shawn Conley.

Question 1: What do you feel is the most important issue that you’ll face in the next 4 years?

Byron Macfarlane (D):

Shawn Conley (R): 

League of Women Voters of Howard County has more questions for these candidates and just about all candidates running in Howard County in 2018. Be sure to give this YouTube page a look: and get to know a little more about all of the candidates. Im my opinion…this is one of the best resources out there this election cycle.

I will be putting up more of these type of video posts between now and the start of early voting (October 25th)…especially in local races you may not know a lot about or ones that I feel will be close this election cycle.

Scott E

One comment

  1. On Sept 30, 2018 Byron Macfarlane committed another State crime and once again there is proof. This time it was while he was on his 3rd year of probation – Not good. Click the “Read the Confirmation Button from Sheriff….” at the bottom.


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