Bill McMahon vs Marcus Harris – Howard County Sheriff Race – 2018

Bill McMahon and Marcus Harris are running for Sheriff in Howard County in 2018. It is an interesting (and important) race for the county. I have not written much about this race in 2018 (or ever before) because I had no clue how to evaluate it.

Social media outreach did not seem like the right thing to write about…neither did money raised in this race…so I have been searching for what might be the deciding factor…and then I saw the endorsements from the police yesterday…and went…that might do it.

The Howard County Police Officers Association, the Howard County Police Supervisor’s Alliance, and the Howard County Sheriff’s Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #131 put out their endorsement list yesterday and they all selected Bill McMahon.

Will that by itself win an election…of course not…but it is a big deal in this race.

I have had the opportunity to meet and have coffee with Marcus Harris. He is a great guy and if elected…I believe would do a great job.

I have not had that same opportunity with Bill McMahon…but if he is ever interested in catching up…I would love to do so…I like meeting everyone I can in the county to learn more about them….especially since I am writing about you all.

Article update: I had an opportunity to have coffee with Sheriff McMahon on the morning of October 18th. I learned a lot about him and his experience in this office. I believe he would continue to do the wonderful work he has begun in this office since 2016.

We are very lucky in this county to have two great candidates for this office. Get to know them both…get to know who they both are and what they both believe in…and make the best choice based on that and not based on the R or D after their name on the ballot (that is the best advice I can give you on this race).

My own opinion…I am not sure why this office is a political office (doesn’t this feel like a job that should be non-partisan…similar to Board of Education). This should be about the job of serving the residents of this county and upholding the laws…not about serving either political party…maybe that is just me.

Learn more about both candidates via their social media outreach (Facebook) here:

Bill McMahon:

Marcus Harris:

I look forward to seeing this race play out and maybe writing more about it in the future.

Scott E


  1. Isn’t Bill McMahon the former chief of Howard County Police who sent dismounted officers wading into speeding traffic on Route 32 – and one of them was killed (Scott Wheeler)? I recall witnessing this misbegotten tactic personally while driving daily on Route 32 back then, and remember observing it would only be a matter of time until a driver or officer was killed in a mishap directly related to this ill-conceived tactic. And then when the inevitable happened, Chief McMahon castigated the unfortunate driver instead of taking responsibility for his own poor judgment in implementing such stupidity. So no, Bill McMahon doesn’t get my vote for anything. The blood from that fiasco is still staining his hands. Good luck washing it out.


  2. Wow, that was SOP among all police departments. I guess you would rather have an Sheriff who has never managed an organization than one who has actually done something.


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