On this final day of voter registration, I thought it would be good to take a look the voter registration numbers in Howard County. I looked back at the numbers in 2014, 2016 and the past few months in order to give some history to the readers.

Here are the total voter registrations by party:

Here are the percentages by party:


Some observations about the numbers:

  • We all knew that Howard County was a “blue” county…but it has become even more “blue” since 2014…adding over 15,000 additional registered Dem voters since 2014. Dem registered voters now make up more than 50% of all registered voters in the county.
  • Rep voter registration has not changed significantly since 2014.
  • Registered Ind voters has continued to grow…adding nearly 6,000 registered voters since 2014.
  • Registered voters for Grn is down and registered voters for Lib is up…but neither are significant enough (less than 1% combined) to make a big difference in the county.

I will be very interested to see what the final numbers are at some point after today. Will we see big spikes in local voter registration for October? Stay tuned…I may write a follow up to this post.

Now if you are a Democrat in this county…these numbers look wonderful when think about some of the countywide races like County Executive or one of the CourtHouse Team races (Register of Wills, Sheriff, Howard County State’s Attorney or Clerk of Court)…but not so fast my friends:

  • Voter turnout is always key. Registered voter numbers are awesome…but if they don’t come out and vote….the advantage means very little.
  • Where do moderates in each major party turn to in this election? If enough moderates on the right or the left think that their party has swung to far right or left…they may stay home…or they may vote for a person of the other party that they feel is much more moderate than their party candidate in a particular race.
  • Independents could not vote in the primary (except for Board of Education) and they will have a decent impact on the local races this time around…so expect significantly different numbers for the general than we saw come in during the primary.

That all being said…early voting starts in 9 days…and election day is only 21 days from now. Candidates…make your final push to the finish line…it has been a long election season…but it is almost over and don’t let up now. Voters – make sure you know what you need to know about each candidate and make the right choice for you. There are lots of resources out there (this blog being on of them) in order to learn about the various candidates.

Scott E


  1. As you mentioned above, there are a lot of independent voters that don’t have a voice in the primaries. This may lead to more extreme candidates. This will be interesting to watch for in the future.

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