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I saw this online and had to write it up…here is the text in the image (I hope my OCR program does a good job):

The Howard County Police Officers Association, the Howard County Police Supervisor’s Alliance, and the Howard County Sheriff’s Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #131 unquestionably endorse 
the following individuals based on their dedication to public safety and unwavering commitment to the men and women who risk their lives every day to guarantee our security:

Larry Hogan, Governor

Craig Wolf, Attorney General

Peter Franchot, Comptroller of Maryland

Allan Kittleman, County Executive


Kim Oldham, States Attorney

Bill McMahon, Sheriff

Opel Jones, Howard County Council, District 2

Christina Rigby, Howard County Council, District 3

Deb Jung, Howard County Council, District 4

David Yungmann, Howard County 
Council, District S

Clarence Lam, State Senate, 
District 12

Guy Guzzone, State Senate, 
District 13

Trent Kittleman, House of Delegates, District 9A

Eric Ebersole, House of Delegates, District 12

Jessica Feldmark, House of Delegates, District 12

Terri Hill, House of Delegates, District 12

Vanessa Atterbeary, House of Delegates, District 13

Jen Terrasa, House of Delegates, District 13

We believe that it is the people, not the political parties that make a difference in our communities. Our endorsements of these individuals are based on the character they possess, not the characters after their names.

I have not seen a list that has this makeup of Reps and Dems from any other organization this year.

I can understand why they stayed away from some races (County Council 1, State Senate 9 and State Delegate 9B)…but would love to know who they would have picked in those races if they had to pick someone.

Scott E


  1. Scott. I really enjoy reading this blog. Thanks for doing this.

    I had asked earlier if you thought Dr. Ball’s post regarding the Wilde Lake CVS would have any consequences. I think this endorsement is part of it.

    Kittleman may have gotten this endorsement anyway. However, when you tout a falsified story about the police department on Facebook, you are not going to make many friends.

    • I believe at the time it was shared…everyone thought it was legit. It is sad that it turned out to be what is was…but I do not believe anyone that followed it thought responding to the situation as it played out was done in malice and I do not believe that it alone will have a significant impact on this election…(just my opinion).

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