Dang it…I keep getting these silly attack mailers sent to me so I still feel the need to call them out…so that maybe some day they end. The Maryland Democratic House Committee Slate has sent out two recent attack mailers against Bob Flanagan:

Does ANYONE know who the heck the Maryland Democratic House Committee Slate is? I did a Google search…very little information came up. I did find this Facebook page: There is very little information on this page…it is not very active…and the address is different than the mailer…and the treasurer listed is not the same (which might be a campaign finance issue)…but the name on the about page is the same as the mailer. So you tell me (if you know)…is this them? I can guess what their purpose is…but would love to have more information about them for future posts.

(Article update: This is a well funded entity with more than 1 million dollars cash on hand back in August of 2018. The biggest contributor is “Friends of Mike Busch” who has added $800,000 to this entity since April of 2018. Locally…Shane Pendergrass has added $50,000 to the entity back in May of 2018).

This race during the democratic primary already had its issue with an attack mailer against Courtney Watson from a 3rd party…and it was such a big deal on social media that Watson, Medinger and The Sierra Club of Howard County all had to make comments about it.


I am waiting to hear from all involved this time about these mailers. If attack mailers were wrong before…are they not wrong now? Is this the type of elections we want here in Howard County?

Look…if I am going to call out the one against Jessica Feldmark….I am also going to call this out….and my hope is that others do the same…and do the right thing when you get them in your mailboxes…put them where they belong…right in the trash.

I have a feeling that this will not be the last article I write about attack mailers…so stay tuned!!!

Scott E