Tennessee Titans vs Baltimore Ravens – War of the Roses

Photo via Tennessee Titans Twitter account

Happy Purple Friday to my local readers. I have decided to take a day off from politics and talk about something important around my household…the Titans vs Ravens game this weekend.

I am a Titans fan…Joann is a Ravens fan…so that always makes for an interesting week around the house when our two teams play each other…and for an interesting Sunday. There will be lots of smack talking going on…all in good fun…but still…we love our teams and cheer hard for them week in and week out.

Both teams are coming off embarrassing losses (Titans lost to the Bill and the Ravens lost to the Browns)…and both teams have the same record (3 – 2)…so this is a big game. Neither of us are super confident about this weekend (because we both thought we would win last weekend)…but that does not change the excitement for this game.

I am not sure why the NFL scheduled this game at 4:25pm on Sunday in Tennessee…but they did…so a rare afternoon game both us both. We both prefer 1:00pm kickoffs on Sunday…but it is what it is this week.

My prediction for the game: Titans win by 3 (like I was going to pick anyone but the Tennessee Titans…LOL).

A great spot to watch all NFL games in Howard County is Nottingham’s in Columbia.

We might watch the game there…or at home…depending on how we are feeling on Sunday.

Enjoy the game everyone!

Scott E

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